Our Staff Truly Cares!

We are fortunate to be able to offer you a caring and knowledgeable staff, so you never have to worry about your horse's care.

A USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, Becky has been immersed in horses since her childhood days in Pony Club. 

Becky prides herself in the meticulous care and attention to the training horses. She believes that a horse's athletic success is dependent upon it's over all health and mental state. "A happy horse will always outperform a negative horse, and happy horses sustain far less injuries," she states. "Sometimes you need to train hard, and sometimes you need to play over cavaletti and hack in the snaffle. Our job as trainers is to recognize what is best for the horse, and not what is best for our schedule."






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Becky Bryan

We offer you supportive and insightful solutions to enhance your relationship with your horse.

For those who strive for more of a competitive edge, we offer individualize programs to develop horses and riders to their peak performance levels. We offer the opportunity to develop internationally competitive horses, while still training in a classical manner. Above all, we strive to preserve the health and spirit of our students, both equine and human! In order to develop harmony, horses and riders need to be happy in their work.


Todd Bryan

When Todd Bryan was seven years old, he informed his parents that he was quitting baseball to focus solely on dressage. That same focus is still evident today, after over 25 years of owning and operating his own FEI Dressage Training Facility, The Bryan Center LLC.

Over the years, Todd has garnered multiple national and international awards and placings. Some of these awards include:  USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals, multiple BLM and USDF Regional Champion and Reserve Champion honors, FEI World Ranked at Grand Prix 1996, Carl-Heinrich Asmis Scholarship award winner, NAYRC Individual Gold Medalist. Todd has been featured in Dressage Today, Spur, Horseplay, and Horse Talk magazine.

​Some of Todd's proudest moments occurred when his students earned their USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals. 

"My favorite moments are when amateurs who, 'never want to show'  have great success in the ring. Once a horse and rider gain more confidence and harmony together, showing is less daunting and more fun."